New WORKPLAN and WORKXPLORE Customers Developing From Trade Show

Vero Project S.r.l., the new Italian reseller for WORKPLAN and WORKXPLORE 3D, are developing additional customers in the coming six months, from strong enquiries made at the recent BI-MU trade fair in Milan.
Violette Teofilovic, Business Manager for WORKPLAN, says the reseller carried out around 40 demonstrations to potential customers, showing both WORKPLAN and WORKXPLORE separately, and how they can be integrated together.
WORKPLAN is a fully-scalable family of manufacturing software solutions, from project management to ERP, which enables custom manufacturers, project-based and make-to-order companies to automate and manage processes such as job costing, quotations, sales order processing, planning, quality, time, purchasing and stock management.
And WORKXPLORE 3D contains many features usually only found in CAD systems, enabling users to perform diagnostics, create assembly instructions and prepare the production of 3D models. The software contains numerous display and analysis tools, directly importing and analysing complex data from all major CAD systems, and generating a neutral format output.
Visitors were impressed with how the integration allows direct linking between CAD files and the different WORKPLAN modules, saving considerable time.”
Version 5 of WORKPLAN establishes links with the Quotation module during a project’s preliminary, preparative and costing phases. Technical elements of bills of material making up the tree structure of an ordered part or tooling can then be developed and validated.
The link with the 3D model file is maintained throughout the full WORKPLAN process for purchasing standard elements and consulting raw material suppliers. This guarantees traceability and ensures full integrity of the imported technical data.”
In total, the demonstrations generated around 50 strong leads. Vero Software’s mould and die making solution, VISI, was also on display, along with two new products developed specifically by Vero Project, SmartPlast and QuickQuote, which help mould and tool makers to quote their products. The next development will be to link them to WORKPLAN.
We presented Vero Software as being an all-in-one solution for toolmakers, starting with the quotation, continuing through project management and planning with WORKPLAN, and incorporating mould design with VISI Mould and VISI Progress, 2-axis to 5-axis machining using VISI Machining, analysis with VISI Flow and VISI Blank, and the powerful WORKXPLORE 3D viewer and analyser.”
Violette Teofilovic says new features are planned into each roadmap for WORKPLAN and WORKXPLORE which will continue to provide time savings and centralised systems for toolmakers seeking to improve production efficiencies.
Antonio Perini, Managing Director of Vero Project says although BI-MU was their first official presentation of WORKPLAN and WORKXPLORE in Italy, the booth attracted a large number of mould makers who said the software’s features would clearly be useful for their daily activities.


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