VISI - Partner per il CAM al Nikken European Innovation Centre

Come fornitore delle soluzioni CAM, VISI ha partecipato alla cerimonia di apertura del nuovo Centro di Innovazione Europeo di NIKKEN con dimostrazioni di fresatura su quattro diversi tipi di macchine utensili equipaggiate con tavole CNC NIKKEN.

The 15,000 square foot Innovation Centre Europe is the first part of Nikken’s planned development on a total site of 3.5 acres on the outskirts of Sheffield, which will also include their European Distribution Centre, After Sales Support, and additional R & D facilities.
Nikken are global manufacturers of high performance CNC rotary tables, accurate NC tooling solutions, tool presetters and spindle optimisation. The centre provides innovative solutions to the manufacturing industry’s toughest problems by demonstrating Nikken’s capabilities on seven machining centres, which cover a diverse cross section of the industry, including high precision part production, and the rigid machines required to work on Titanium and Inconel for aerospace customers.

Group Managing Director of Nikken Europe, Tony Bowkett, says they established the innovation facility to show their products in action to customers. “Over the last five years customers have started wanting to see our products working on the type of machine frames that they would expect to use in their own factories."

“The centre replicates many styles of machine tools, numerous spindle types and coolant pressure…and we need CAM software partners such as VISI to program the CNC machine tools, demonstrating our multi axis rotary tables and other equipment to the best of their capability.

“Many manufacturers want to buy complete solutions and move engineering away from their own companies and pass it down the supply chain. We want to be that one-stop shop, and VISI helps keep us at the forefront of that.”

Nikken Group Engineering Manager Steve Eckersall says they partnered with VISI for the opening because the software can cater for the majority of machine requirements. “As well as being perfect for our three and five-axis needs it is readily adaptable. We have several new controllers here, some of which are hybrids, and VISI have been on-site working with us so we have perfect post processors for all our needs.”  

Tony Bowkett points out that Nikken represents the spirit of innovation – reiterated by Ian Llewellyn, VISI’s Northern Sales Manager. “Nikken are forward looking and innovative, and we’re proud to be a CAM partner in this new venture which highlights to manufacturers the effective combination of world class technology. Vero have a large portfolio of software applications that can support any further developments and future-proof our partnership.”

At the VIP opening ceremony, VISI programmed demonstrations on four CNC machines:
•    Bridgeport XR1000.
•    Hardinge GX480; engraving Nikken Spirit Of Innovation coins
•    Brother Speedio RX450 X1; high speed cutting with ceramic cutter  
•    Chiron DZ15W High Speed; cutting pockets with Tuned Tooling. 


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